PTI rejected Hamid Khan’s statement

Islamabad, 23rd July: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has rejected Hamid Khan’s statement terming it an absurd attempt to gain political mileage.According to the details issued by party’s Central Media Department President Insaf Lawyers Forum Shahid Naseem Gondal while reacting on Hamid Khan Statement has said that his statement is an amalgamation of contradictions. “We are aware of the intentions behind the politically motivated statement of Hamid Khan”, he said adding that Hamid Khan mustn’t twist facts in a bid to retain his declining fame in the legal fraternity.

He asked Hamid Khan to apprise the nation about his reservations over the ongoing accountability process. He went on to add that masses are cognisant to the fact that accountability across the board is the testament of PM Imran Khan’s twenty two years political struggle. Furthermore he said that attempts to paint PTI as establishment’s handpicked party by PPP, PMLN and now Hamid Khan have come to naught and rejected by masses.

Shahid Naseem Gondal urged Hamid Khan to join the parties whose narrative he is trumpeting. Ha also asked PTI leadership to take necessary disciplinary action against Hamid Khan for the vile statement.

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