Public stand with anchorperson Mubasher Lucman in Noor Mukadam case

Lahore, 8th August: Pakistan’s famous investigative journalist and analyst, Mubasher Lucman has become the voice of millions of Pakistanis for the past few weeks after he raised his voice for Noor Mukadam on social media.

According to details, Mubasher Lucman has been vocal in supporting Noor Mukadam’s murder case for the past many days on social media, hence becoming the voice of the nation.


People on social media, particularly on Twitter, have expressed their support with the anchorperson for rating his voice against Noor’s murderer Zahir Jaffer. Today Mubasher Lucman is trending top on Twitter with hashtag #westandwithmubasherlucman.

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According to earlier reports of Baaghi TV, in the legal notice from Mahir Aziz, who is reportedly from Zahir Jaffer’s social circle, Mubasher Lucman was threatened to sue and demanded an apology from him, as well as, a large sum in damages for “loss of reputation” and “mental torture”.

As a reply to the legal notice, the Khara Sach anchorperson tore away the legal notice stating that he is not afraid of such things and will always stand by the victim unless she is given justice.

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Noor Muqaddam Case: Public Supports Mubasher Lucman, Top Trending on Twitter

Soon after people on social media pledged to stand with the famous anchorperson and expressed not to remain silent on the threats sent to Lucman by the killer’s legal team.

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In this regard, a user named Fazal Abbas shared an image of the top Twitter trends in his Twitter post and wrote, “Pakistan shows support for Mubasher Lucman. It is clear that we will support Mubasher Lucman. Be strong and be firm.”

Similarly, another Twitterati wrote, “Mubasher Lucman is one of best journalists of Pakistan. We respect his views. We will support him. We will raise our voice for him.”

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Meanwhile, a netizen named Aman-ur-Rehman wrote that Mubasher Lucman is one of the few journalists who fights for the truth, speaks for the truth, raises his voice for the oppressed without caring for his life.

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Baaghi TV reported earlier in the day that an apology has been demanded by the lawyer from Mr. Lucman, as well as a large sum in damages for “loss of reputation” and “mental torture” along with threats to sue him.

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“Powerful people want to shut down our voices now because of money. But, it won’t happen,” said Mubasher Lucman. He also said that the late Noor Mukadam was killed in such a brutal way, that the whole nation cried.

The anchorperson said that he does not care about such notices, and will always stand by the truth, and will fight the cruel murderer in court himself if he must.

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It may be recalled that 27-year-old Noor Mukadam, daughter of a Pakistani diplomat was brutally killed and beheaded by Zahir Jaffer at his residence in Islamabad on July 20.

Noor Muqaddam Murder Case: What Actually Happened?

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