Punjab Government Allocates Rs 4 billion for Environment, Agriculture and Wildlife Sectors


During Punjab Assembly session, Provincial Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht said in his budget speech that provincial government has allocated Rs 4 billion for tree plantation to control the rising graph of pollution resulting in serious health hazards for the people.

He explained that Rs 2.56 billion would be spent on ‘10 billion Tree Tsunami Programme’ initiated by PM Imran Khan. Environment Endowment Fund had been established with seed money of Rs 5 billion for promotion of green technology in sectors of agriculture, industry and forestry.

Rs one billion is allocated for protection of wildlife. While Fisheries sector will also receive one billion for their development.

According to Prime Minister’s vision of wildlife, the projects of Wildlife Reserve at Head Balloki, beautification of Namal Lake, and developing wildlife farm at Cheechawatni would be commenced under ADP of next FY.

Federal Minister further said that agriculture sector’s development budget has also been upgraded from Rs 7.75 billion to Rs 31.5 billion.

It included Rs 100 billion for ‘Agriculture Transformation Plan’ under which Insaf Kisan Card has been issued and Rs 4 billion for agricultural subsidies would be provided in the next FY.

Farm Mechanization would be modernized at the cost of Rs 28 billion while Rs 10 billion are allocated for four centers to be established for conducting research on wheat, rice, corn and sugarcane.

He said that Rs 18.5 billion would be spent in three years for Agriculture Extension Project.

Similarly, Rs 5 billion would be spent under National Programme for Improvement of Water Courses. The total subsidy on loans for farmers had also been raised to Rs 7.6 billion.

The Provincial Finance Minister said that the total budget of Rs 155 billion would be set aside in upcoming FY for irrigation sector and it development budget would also be increased by 82 percent.

Rs 31 billion is set for improving and modernization of canal system.

The Irrigation Department would also be given Rs 9 billion maintenance and restoration of canals to ensure water supply to farmers.