Punjab health minister appeals to citizens to take active part in anti-polio campaign

ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (APP): Health minister Punjab Yasmeen Rashid Wednesday has appealed citizens to take active part in anti-polio campaign and also monitor the working of teams so that country could be converted into a polio-free state soon.

“Our mission is to make Pakistan free from polio and this is our national issue and we have to work jointly for this objective”, she said while talking to PTV news.

“We have to protect our nation from this disease. We have resolved to win the war against polio at any cost, she added.”

She urged parents, religious leaders and all stakeholders to convince people to vaccinate their children and take up the issue as a national cause.

“We appeal to the Ulema to play their role in making the anti-polio campaign successful”, she said.

She said it was our national responsibility to save young generation from any kind of disability.

The Punjab health department was making all out efforts to combat this menace with success and it had composed teams with energetic representation.

She informed that all required needs had been made available to the mobile teams and same were being monitored and counter-monitored by the officers concerned.

Minister also asked the people to put strict vigilance over the teams in the field and help them in every possible way.

She urged the parents not pay any attention to rumours regarding the polio vaccine and to ensure their children are given polio vaccine drops every time vaccinators knock on their doors.

Citizens should fully participate for the success of the Polio drive and parents to shun propaganda by opponents of anti-polio vaccination to ensure safety of their children.

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