Qatar Airways faces backlash for firing 4 pilots over ‘plane hits pole’ at Chicago O’Hare

As pilots we know fatigue is a silent killer, says Caption Ross Rusty


Caption Ross Aimer, better known as, Ross Rusty Aimer on social networking platforms, finally spoke on the Qatar Airways incident at the Chicago Airport in which the billion dollars company sacked four pilots over the negligence at taxing the plane.

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Captian Ross said that Qatar Airways unjustly fired the four crew members involved in this mishap, instead of first investigating the real causes.

He said that we know the Captain has the ultimate responsibility for the safe conduct of flight, but let’s not forget that the ORD Ground specifically instructed them to taxi via “BB2” which is not allowed for a 777.

Even some of us United pilots had occasional difficulty navigating around ORD, our biggest hub.

“Let alone a foreign crew that may visit seldom, and perhaps feel a little intimidated by the enormity and complexity of that airport.

“As a Boeing IP, l actually trained some of QR’s initial cadre of 777 pilots, on a short visit,” he explained.

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On a lighter note he said that it was his bad, if he may have neglected the part about avoiding light poles that have a terrible habit of jumping in front of planes.

But seriously, he vividly remember those pilots’ biggest fear was getting fired for the stupidest reasons, or simply not performing well on a check ride.

“Unions of course are forbidden in these unfriendly sand dunes that are extremely limited, but very hostile towards their imported labor.”

But instead, there are absolutely no protections offered to the “hired hand,” especially expats.

He also shared Reuters report on the rampant fatigue and mental health issues among these pilots.