Quality of Education needs to be Improved

I pursue the quality of education where took birth many questions in my mind that how our current education system is running today? Since the old syllabus doesn’t enhance the capabilities of our new generation, only ratafication (memorizing topics only up-to the exam not permanently conceptualizing) became root cause of drawback in our learning institutions.

The publishing authority should be very serious to publish the topics that spontaneously contained recent inventions, advantages and disadvantages of technologies, awareness rising methodologies, social activities and its impact on the society, know-how of law and learning the self-responsibilities being to be a good citizen of Pakistan. Though every subjects are needed to be amended to pursue the world current topics that make our generation skillful to face the challenges in their lives.

Quote by Raj Kumar “History is witnessed that only education is the main weapon through this every war can be conquered without shedding blood or loss of lives”.

The killing of creativities, not conceptualizing of topics and inelastic guidelines imposes on students actually will make our new generation paralyze. The schools are designed on the assumption that there is a secret to everything in life. An individual with a schooling mind perceives of the world as a pyramid of classified packages accessible only to those who carry the proper tags. The discrimination in our education structure is the most part of failure, although poor doesn’t afford fees to get yield from it, however, the well-to-do families who get their children admitted in highly advanced schools where Cambridge or Oxford level subjects are being taught under well qualified teaching faculty.

The today’s scenario of our modern educational system is only depending on the formalities, despite taking huge amount/salaries the output of results isn’t satisfactory. The monitoring mechanism would be massive strong covering each and every angles of education aspects, a third-party evaluation for teaching and learning techniques will be evaluated; on the basis of satisfactory results the promotion of teaching staff will be carry-forwarded otherwise government need to issue showcase letters. However, copy culture is being considered and seems only a factory that produces only low valued products in the market. That’s the big reason why the most people only takes degrees neither competency nor awareness. Thus, the advanced countries took the education on their top priority because they know the value of a quality of education.

An educated society produces doctors, engineers, professionals and talented policy makers, decision makers and bureaucrats who run their country as a model in the entire world. Therefore, our Government should need to be very serious in every perspectives of improving quality in education throughout the country. Recruitment of teachers, lecturers or professors should be on pure merit criteria. There should not be negligence of abiding such policy and rules to select the mentor on the basis of transparency.


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