Quratulain Tortured and Strangled to Death By Husband, Pictures Viral

Quratulain Tortured and Strangled to Death By Husband, Pictures Viral

Another heart wrenching incident took place in Hyderabad when Quratulain Baloch, a mother of 4 children was brutally murdered after being tortured by her husband, Umer Memon.

According to the details, on July 15, 2021, another unfortunate incident took place in Barrage Colony, Hyderabad where a lady Quratulain was tortured and murdered by her husband named Umer Khalid Memon in front of their four children (the oldest aged 9 and the youngest aged 2).

Her husband, who is a landowner and also runs a car business, tortured Quratulain alias Aini Buledi for hours until he hit her on the head due to which she fainted, later he proceeded to strangle her to death. It has been reported that Quratulain died at the spot, between 3:00 am to 4:00 am (PST) and her husband went to drink in his car.

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On coming back, Umer Memon changed the clothes of her wife to hide the evidence and decided to take her to the hospital at 6:00 am, where she was declared dead by the doctors.

According to the postmortem report received by Baaghi TV,  it has been revealed that her body is full of blood and black bruises, her nose was bleeding till the very end, her neck was swollen and her jawbone was broken. Post-mortem report confirmed brutal violence on her.

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Umer Khalid Memon, who belongs to a very influential family, was arrested by the police and was jailed at Baldia Police Station, however, the police refused to register a first information report (FIR) against the accused due to his influential family background.

According to sources, his brother, who is also using his contacts and money to get the accused free from police custody, is the owner of New York Cafe and Bakery, Hyderabad. Out of all the four children, only the oldest one aged nine knows that her mother has died. It has also been revealed that Umer Memon used to torture his children quite frequently as well.


This is a country that has continuously refused to criminalise domestic violence and abuse. The government and Hyderabad police needs to take prompt and strict action against the murderer. There are laws passed to stop domestic violence but challenges remain in enforcing these laws, limiting women and girls’ access to safety and justice.

Domestic violence should be addressed on mass level and the government and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) should pass and implement the Domestic Violence Bill strictly.

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