Rabi Peerzada inspired from Adnan Sami on Leaving Pakistan, vows to leave too

Singer turned naat reciter and now days getting fame over paintings and calligraphy, Rabi Peerzada recently came under criticism on social media when she claimed that Pakistani nation doesn’t ‘DESERVE HER’ and praised Adnan Sami on leaving Pakistan and choosing India to live. Not only this, she also wrote “Indians are much better than us”. Rabi added, “I’ll be leaving Pakistan too.”

To her this post, Adnan Sami replied with a prayer of happiness and protection “wherever you live”.

“Actually there is a reason people leave Pakistan. Today lemme confirm you, Indians are much better than us. They never taunted me. Adnan Sami, I am sorry for what I said before. This nation doesn’t deserve any talent, your voice or my painting. I’ll leave too. In Sha Allah,” Rabi tweeted tagging Adnan Sami.

She deleted her post later and took another U-TURN. She wrote that the followers read and reacted to her caption but paid no attention to the painting.

Furthermore, she added that if she leaves, she will be leaving to Makkah. Posting again she said, “Pakistan is my heart, my life. You guys are my own. If I leave my country ever, I will be going to Makkah. The social media channel which doesn’t promote Pakistan’s art stayed ahead on spreading negative news. I rejected my statement later, did anyone talk about that?”

In another social media post, she wrote “I deleted my last post. Yes, Pakistan has good people in it but they can’t fight with the bad ones. May Allah protect us all.”

After getting her controversial videos leaked on social media, she decided to turn towards religion and started calligraphy and religious paintings. Rabi Peerzada always had something to be in the news and this time she cross the limit for getting attention by comparing Pakistan to India and using India as priority calling it better than Pakistan.

Rabi Peerzada always remained in news on topics like sometimes she behaves as a soldier wearing the war belts and the other times having dangerous animals and sharing videos with them.

However, when she had been in hot water on the exotic animal case, she blamed India and Modi for all the hurdles she had been facing because she speaks against India and that is the reason she was facing issues however you might have some confusion that she is a very high-profile superstar of Pakistan and that its her right to get attention and praising over her work art and controversies on every coming day.

There is one thing I need to clarify to Rabi, Pakistan really doesn’t deserve such a person who just is what is own self and not for Pakistan and can prioritize a country due to which countless Muslims have been murdered. Yes Rabi, you deserve India and India deserve you because Pakistan deserves better.

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