Railway ministry says accident not their fault

June 7, 2021 ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Railways has taken stern notice of the Dharki train accident.

After the DS’s written letter, the FIR of the accident may be registered against the Secretary to the Minister of Railways. The injured and martyrs of the accident should be compensated according to law. The sub-committee requested to convene a meeting of the standing committee on the accident in two days. DS Sukkur made an irresponsible statement. The Ministry of Railways is not responsible for the accident. The responsibility of the division lies with the DS.

A meeting of the sub-committee of the Standing Committee on Railways of the National Assembly was held at Parliament House under the chairmanship of Convener Ramesh Lal. Secretary Railway Board Zafar Zaman Ranjha and other railway officials attended the meeting. He said that DS Sukkur had earlier informed about this and had also written a letter as to why no steps were taken regarding safety. Precious lives have been lost due to negligence of the railways. And the secretary will be listed on the railways.

Convener Committee Ramesh Lal said that we had said a month ago that there would be an accident on this track. Today, DS. Sukkur told the media that the Minister of Railways and Secretary Railways are responsible for the accident. A meeting should be called. Compensation should be given to those injured and martyred in the accident. The ministers do not come to the railway committee. Unfortunately, the chairman of the committee does not know the rules of the committee. The officer pointed out but still no action was taken on it. The minister should have been in the committee.

Expressing frustration over the non-appearance of DS Lahore in the committee, the committee said that the railway officers do not give importance to the committee, on which the officials told the committee that the DS Railway Speaker is with the National Assembly. On which the committee said that the Speaker could have bid farewell to the second officer and he should have been here.

Secretary Railway Board Zafar Zaman Ranjha told the committee that the responsibility for the Millat and Sir Syed Express accident lies with the Railways. DS Railway Sukkur has not given an irresponsible statement. The DS Division is responsible. The job of DS is not just to point out. The safety of things is the same. The speed limit at the place where the accident took place is 105 kmph. Track and bogie days can be a problem. The DS has the option to stop the entire operation if it thinks the track is not in order. It can impose a speed limit. However, if an accident occurs, it is the responsibility of the DS to determine if the track is fit.

A preliminary report on the cause of the accident will be available in 24 hours. Ministry is not responsible for Daharki accident. The cause of Daharki accident is being investigated. There may be some technical glitch that caused the accident. DS Sukkur’s statement is very irresponsible. The Millat Express was going from Karachi to Faisalabad. When the train reached 590 km, its last three bogies were derailed. At the same time, the Sir Syed Express was coming from Karachi which caused the accident. The accident happened in such a short time that the train Could not be ordered to stop in advance

Ramesh Lal said that DS Sukkur declared the track unfit, notorious politicians are doing it, if you look at DS’s house in Karachi, it will be a 100 kanal house, here in our lodges MN O has got a one room apartment. On which Aftab Jahangir said why are you making us sad, Ramesh Lal said that 50 citizens were martyred today who is responsible, Aftab Jahangir said that inquiry report will come two days later.

Aftab Jahangir said that two days ago a freight train met with an accident in Khanpur in Sukkur division and no initial report has been received about it. Committee member Sabir Qaim Khani said that the ministry is not respecting the railway committee and our recommendations are not being taken seriously. Preliminary report will be received within 24 hours

DG Land Lahore informed the committee that 691 acres of land in Lahore is under occupation. Land worth Rs 133 million has been relinquished. 190 acres of commercial land is under occupation in Lahore division. Sabir Qaimkhani said that railway officials lie in the committee and mislead us.

Now the trust in railways has also been lost. Ramesh Lal said that railway officials are involved in occupation of railway lands so no action is taken against the house of railway officials. While MNA gets a one-room house in the lodges, plazas should be built instead of the houses of railway officers. It is said that DS Sukkur is the favorite of the Railway Minister so he is not removing them.

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