Dream Clean: Restoring the Ecosystem

Lahore, 7th June: The campaign for the restoration of our ecosystem is a welcome move. We have lost enormously because of the rising temperatures, uncontrolled gas emissions, deforestation and the melting of the glaciers.

Also the grim scenario vis a vis our cities and the absence of a proper waste management system has given way to more chaotic conditions with no solution in sight. With the explosion of the population in our cities, the quality of life has deteriorated.

When we say we shall abridge the gap between the rural and the urban areas, what we precisely mean is a provision of more funds at the governmental level or the cities must become self-sufficient for provision of facilities with proportionally evolved mechanisms to benefit all and sundry.

All this requires an effective and more holistic approach to tackling these issues. The world, on the whole, is faced with the impact of global warming. This realization has come at a heavy price.

The Arctic glaciers are melting away, the oceans are swelling. Ozone is depleting fast and the overall temperature is rising. The countries which are responsible for carbon emissions must come forward to combat this problem as well should contribute money to countries like ours.

During pandemic times we have seen that all countries are interdependent. No country is safe, the viruses have their international presence.

A collaborative effort therefore could save the world. It’s time we pushed aside our differences and divert our energies to more humanistic endeavors. The world must become one.

However, at home, we could employ means to help restore the lost glory of our denuded forests, wetlands, rivers, oceans, flora and fauna.

The plantation of 1 billion trees will significantly change the environment of this country. It must not stop here. This is a continuous effort with a far-reaching impact.

Depends on how do we go ahead with it. It can’t be done just at the governmental level. The teachers and students could play a pivotal role in planting trees.

The timber mafias should be nabbed and eliminated for they have caused colossal losses. A concerted effort on part of the deputy commissioners and the public representatives must lay before them a target to plant trees for their respective districts.

That is how the dream of a clean and green Pakistan so envisioned by Imran Khan can be realized.

Another menacing feature is the excessive use of plastics which is wreaking havoc. River Indus and Brahmaputra are the ones that carry with them this plastic material before they end up in oceans. 340 million tons of plastic is what causes this imbroglio.

A positive effort no doubt is afoot, but community participation is also a must. Without a conscionable response, no such dream can be translated into a reality. We hail our forest department for sacrificing their lives, towards a much greener Pakistan.

Implementation of all such plans at the city or district level should be enforced with a positive attitude. Afforestation, a cleanliness drive, dumping of waste through effective means is probably something which requires an iron will and rather unorthodox ways to come to grips with these problems.

Today when we celebrate our environment day with much fervor and enthusiasm we also feel the pangs of yet much-prized assets in the shape of forests that have been thrown away to the land-grabbing mafia.

Not only these forests of Pindi which were denuded, but brazenly the land was also bequeathed upon them thinking it belonged to their elders.

A state is like a mother. Any plundering, looting or pillaging within the state tantamount to treason. The afforestation of Pindi forests be done and the possession of the land should be recovered. The able judiciary must take cognizance of this broad-day dacoity.

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