Rain in Lahore, citizens inconvenienced as roads submerged in water


According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the rain in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, has made the lives of the citizens miserable.

All the claims made by the Buzdar government regarding drainage arrangements have disappeared into thin air, the roads and streets of Lahore city can be seen submerged in water, with no arrangements being made for evacuation.

Following a heavy downpour across Lahore, multiple parts of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) have become flooded with water. According to reports of Baaghi TV, parts of DHA phase 3 are greatly affected by the heavy rainfall. Sector-W and XX situated in phase 3 are the worst hit while Y-Block is reported to be relatively clear.

Meanwhile, Ghazi road is clear including phase 6 where the water has been cleared. According to reports of Baaghi TV, the situation across other phases is not yet known however, the water has so far gone down by three inches. Moreover, the entrance to DHA medical center situated in W-Block is also flooded. Baaghi TV’s office situated in W-block is also affected by the rainfall.

Image credit: Pictured above is the DHA phase 3, W-block area where the entrance of a house is submerged in water.

Image credit: The entrance to Baaghi TV’s office based in Lahore, submerged in water after the heavy rainfall.

No arrangement has been made to evacuate it, the road looks like a pond on which a metro boat is needed but neither the administration is extracting water nor sending a metro boat for the citizens, clearing Ghazi Road.

The safety barrier of Barkat Town canal in Shahdara area was breached, due to which the water of the canal entered the houses and destroyed the valuables of the citizens. Arriving on the spot, Sharian says the water came out of the safety barrier due to the canal not being cleaned.

The urban population living along the Lahore Metro track is facing difficulties after the rains. The government will not make any arrangements for the drainage of the missing water in the homes of the people.

After rains in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, water rose in different parts of the city, causing severe hardship to the citizens.

Other areas of Lahore including Airport, Davis Road, Lakshmi Chowk, Rajgarh, GT Road, Ek Moria Bridge, Haji Camp and Ichhra were turned into canals. People are facing difficulties due to accumulation of water everywhere, vehicles and motorcycles were stopped at underpasses and other places.

Image credit: The above image shared by a resident of W-Block, DHA highlights the aftermath of the heavy downpour across Lahore.

Image credit: The above image shared by a resident of W-Block, DHA highlights the aftermath of the heavy downpour across Lahore.

After the rains, LESCO’s system also came to a standstill, with feeders tripping in most areas, disrupting power supply. The rains have affected LESCO’s transmission system, with more than 100 feeders tripped in Lahore, leaving several areas without power.

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