Raja Rapstar releases song regarding “Pakistan Day”!

Pakistan’s famous singer Raja Rapstar’s song “March 23 Pakistan Day” was released.

Baaghi TV: The title of the song is “Naara-e-Takbir Allah hu Akbar”. The video of the song consisting of 2 minutes and 58 seconds expresses love for the ideology of Pakistan and the armed forces of Pakistan. The anthem is being appreciated by the consumers.

Raja Rapstar has also released many songs on the youth of Occupied Kashmir and the Pakistan Army. It should be noted that earlier last year, the singer had released the song Policewala which had gained a lot of popularity on social media. Talking about his song, Raja Rapstar had said that the police is our protector if the army is at the borders. The police are stationed on our streets, in the areas, in the city, in the province, protecting us. We need to know what a policeman sacrifices for us.

The singer added that the sacrifices that a policeman makes cannot be made by me or any of us, good and bad people are everywhere but our nation has to change its attitude towards the police. You will see how much responsibility it is to be a policeman.

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