Ramiz rajas appointment might be good for the PCB

Is it feasible for the former opener?

There is a lot of speculation on the appointment of Ramiz Raja for Chairman of the PCB. On paper, this sounds like a well-calculated decision from the patron in chief the Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, there are a few factors that need to be looked at for in order for this to be a win-win situation for both parties.

Whilst Ehsan Mani did not receive any salary for the time he held the chairman position which is seen as honorary Ramiz’s case might be different.

Having an enormous amount of experience as a top-ranked Cricket Commentator and Analyst as well as having a YouTube channel with 1.62 million subscribers, this might need to be compensated by the PCB should the former opener accept the role.

Unlike Mani who is now 76 and well past his professional career Rajas is at the peak of his form as his commentary continues to be heard in all parts of the world. Such is his demand as a commentator he had often been the front line commentator in the early years of the IPL.
So what does Ramiz bring to the PCB?

Having represented Pakistan for a career spanning over a decade (57 Tests and 198 ODIs) as well as 15 years of experience as a commentator along with an MBA qualification suggests not only does he have the education he has practical knowledge and experience behind him to hold him in good stead for the chairman role.

Whilst the Chairman’s role is clearly noted in the PCB constitution section 7, the current state of Pakistan cricket will suggest he will be involved in a more hands-on role should he accept the offer.

The PCB has NOT handled the regional cricket structure well and the lack of corporate sponsorship in first-class cricket is clearly evident. Covid period put aside there had been very little Gate and corporate revenue in the domestic formats under Manis tenure.

Ramiz’s Goodwill and cricketing relationships throughout the cricketing world will ensure international teams touring Pakistan will attract more corporate sponsorship as well as Gate revenue. However, before all this, the 57 Test veteran needs to look at investing heavily in club and school cricket. It is through this grassroots set up the future of Pakistan will secure itself.

The role of the current CEO?

With the appointment of Ramiz expected to take place and as mentioned he will be required to get more hands-on with domestic as well as International cricket and grassroots level on the field side of the operation. Ramiz’s input as approaching the corporate sector for sponsorships can also be a huge plus for the PCB.

If all the above is implemented then does the PCB really need Wasim Khan on a quarter of a million-dollar annual package? Wasim khan was recommended by Ehsan Mani who could not bring as much value as Ramiz. Hence the suggestion would be to cut the cost as promised by the patron in chief Imran Khan.

I leave this on a note that Ramiz Raja will be a GREAT appointment for the PCB however like his days as an opener he needs to work in partnerships at the PCB and this means terminating a few of the highly paid hierarchy at the PCB. And as many players, both current and ex often say their services are available for Pakistan and for the love of the game, whether Ramiz takes this Honorary role and sacrifices his highly lucrative commentary career remains to be seen.

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