Rashid Latif advises struggling Sarfaraz to take rest


ISLAMABAD, Oct 10 (APP):Pakistan’s former captain Rashid Latif has suggested Sarferaz to take some time off from international cricket to regain his form back.

Pakistan cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed is facing the heat after the team lost on Wednesday to the inexperienced Sri Lankan side 3-0 in the T20I series.

In the wake of that, Rashid Latif has urged him to take a break but the former cricketer is sure that he won’t listen as this was the case with Kamran Akmal as well, he said.

“When you are under pressure, then I believe one should avoid one or two games. This is the same thing I said to Kamran Akmal to take a rest for four, five months but no one wants to take the rest,” said Latif .

Furthermore, Rashid Latif also criticised Sarfaraz Ahmed’s decision to move up in the batting order. The Pakistan skipper came up to bat at No 4 but managed to score only 17 runs leaving the team under dire pressure. He also pointed out that Sarfaraz was also missing the mark with his wicket-keeping, as a number of chances were dropped by him.

“Skipper Sarfaraz doesn’t seem confident at all and he is not doing well with the bat as well so going at number four was not a wise decision,” he concluded.

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