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Ravi Shastri declares MS Dhoni “Faster Than Any Pickpocket” as wicket-keeper

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ISLAMABAD, August 16 (online): Faster than the best pickpockets as wicket-keeper and a cricketer who changed the game for all times to come, said India coach Ravi Shastri on the just-retired MS Dhoni, adding a bit of quirkiness to the emotional tributes that have poured in.

Dhoni bid adieu to international cricket on Saturday, posting “consider me retired” on his Instagram page. Shastri offered his take on the impact made by the two-time World Cup-winner in his trademark tongue-in-cheek style. “This man is second to none. And coming from where he did, he changed cricket for all times to come. And his beauty is he did it in all formats,” Shastri told India Today.

“For me what stood out was his stumpings and his run outs. He had such fast hands that he was at times faster than any pickpocket,” he said.

Counting Dhoni’s achievements, Shastri said despite creating an enviable legacy, Dhoni’s calm demeanor made him unique.

“T20 – he has won a World Cup and multiple IPL titles. 50 overs – he has won a World Cup. Test cricket – he has taken India to the number one position in the world. Played 90 Test matches,” he said.

“And he always took life as it came. From his days in Kharagpur to his days as an Indian cricketer he was always in the moment. And in retirement also he has moved on.

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