Recent rains reduces allergy impacts: Dr. Jamal


ISLAMABAD, Nov 22 (APP):Diabetologist & former Chairman, Department of Medicine, PIMS, Dr Jamal Zafar Sunday said that recent rain spells occurred in twin cities provided relief to allergy patients.

Talking to APP he said the rain spell has decreased the level of smog prevailing in the country as impacts of smog might be harmful in situation like Covid-19 pandemic, he added.

He said as the persistent dry weather in capital during the last two months had caused skin allergies, cough and flu whereas the rain had reduced the impacts significantly.

He underlined the need that citizen should be extra careful during Covid-19, it was mandatory for the people to wear mask while going outside to safe them from diseases, smog and skin irritation.

He advised the people to stay at homes in the evening to secure them from seasonal allergies, adding allergies develop when the body’s immune system overreacted to something in the environment.

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