Recommendations for complete lockdown in Lahore ready

Lahore, 28th March: Coronavirus cases in Lahore have begun to increase exponentially, after which the Punjab Health Department has prepared recommendations for a complete lockdown in the city.

According to details, the Punjab Health Department will recommend a complete lockdown in Lahore before the Cabinet Committee on Corona Counter, closing all wedding halls, restaurants and public transport in Lahore.

It will also be proposed to close all business places and markets in Lahore.

The Punjab Health Department and the district administration will make recommendations to the Punjab Chief Minister.

According to reports, a special meeting of the NCOC was held with the provincial chief secretaries under the chairmanship of Federal Minister Asad Umar. The chief secretaries of the four provinces attended the meeting through video link.

According to details, various options were considered in the NCOC meeting to reduce inter-provincial transport. The final decision on the transport ban will be based on data from the provinces.

The provinces have been directed by the NCOC to meet the vaccination targets. Ensure accurate and timely data for vaccination while maps of hotspots for lockdown will be provided to the provinces by NCOC.

It was decided at the meeting that a complete ban on indoor and outdoor weddings would be imposed from April 5.

Given the situation, the provincial administration will be empowered to impose sanctions ahead of time.

All types of indoor and outdoor gatherings were immediately banned across the country. The gatherings included all types of social, cultural, political, sports and other types.

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With all kind of gatherings banned, NCOC has imposed tougher restrictions

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