Rehmat Hee Rehmat: A guide to succeed in both the Worlds


Lahore, 26th April: Program ‘Rehmat Hee Rehmat’, the biggest digital live transmission during Ramadan is being shown on Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube Channel, powered by Q-Mobile.

In today’s Iftar program, Dr. Sohail Chughtai and Najam Sheraz were the guests of honor. They said that if we read the Qur’an and understand its actual meaning only we can achieve success in both the worlds.

Mubasher Lucman talking to Dr. Sohail Chughtai on the issue of coronavirus said that a Smart lockdown has now been announced in our country. If it had been imposed at the right time, the outbreak would have been in its final stages or would have ended.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sohail Chughtai said that despite our limited resources, the steps we have taken regarding Karuna are also commendable. Our society should not be compared to America or Europe. We have limited resources and our health system is not advanced like theirs.

Heat May Kill the Virus: Mubasher Lucman

Mubasher Lucman asked if there is any time frame that it will end in a day or seventy days? On this, Dr. Sohail Chughtai said that it is premature to say anything about it. In response to a question that he heard that this virus dies in heat, he said that it is not medically proven. Dr. Sohail said that the virus dies at 53 degrees but it is difficult for a human being to survive at such a temperature.

Dr. Sohail Chughtai, the guest of “Rehmat Hee Rehmat” Iftar transmission, said that the media should play a positive and encouraging role instead of creating harassment.


The guest Najam Sheraz from the Uk asked Dr, Chugtai, why don’t Muslims read the Quran with understanding? In response, Dr. Sohail said that when a person like me reads the Qur’an with understanding, it becomes clear to him what is right and what is wrong. Unfortunately, we have just wrapped the Qur’an in several veils. And do not take guidance from it.

Najam Sheraz said in a very beautiful way that the real issue is that the parents themselves are confused and hesitant. Parents should guide their children on the path of religion and make this life and the Hereafter better places to live in.

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Mubasher Lucman presents ‘Rehmat hee Rehmat’, powered by Q mobile

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