Rehmat Hee Rehmat: We should spend 11 months like Ramadan


Lahore, 27th April: Pakistan’s leading anchor Mubasher Lucman spoke on the third day of the Iftar program of ‘Rehmat Hee Rehmat’ Ramadan transmission sponsored by Q-Mobile, on the blessings of the holy month.

Mubasher Lucman said that the special transmission of Ramadan takes place during Sehri and Iftar. Religious scholars and doctors are called, there are a round-up and discussion on religion and health issues.

Asif Hameed the guest invited today, said that after the death of a person, 3 things become a source of reward for him, good children, good deeds and the good deeds of children goes to the parents.

Dr. Javed Akram, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, said that sometimes the coronavirus is not detected immediately so it can spread from one person to many and this is the cause of the increase of the infected persons in our country.

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Dr. Akram said that people die of diabetes, cancer too, the drug of coronavirus will come very soon, we are also studying on the vaccine, we are working on the plasma of patients. He told that they are also studying the effects of chloroquine.

Asif Hameed guided that prayers should be recited to avoid this deadly disease, every disease is cured with the prayers except death.

Najam Sheraz from UK also joined ‘Rehmat Hee Rehmat’ Ramadan transmission. He said that fasting is a part of all religions. If we look at nature, fasting was also in earlier religions. In order to make ourselves stronger, we have to understand the purpose of fasting.

Asif Hameed said that we have been given one month of Ramadan for training. We should continue worship that we do in this month for the remaining 11 months also. The right of Ramadan is paid when we follow the same routine for the rest of the month.

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Mubasher Lucman said that we must change ourselves. during the Holy month of Ramadan and continue doing so throughout the whole year.

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