Rejection Violence: Killing of young woman for saying NO

The recent murder case of a young woman shook the nation and it’s so imperative to discuss the reasons behind it. A vast majority of men lack the ability to accept ‘No’ from women and move on. The issue is men consider No as a challenge and try to overcome it by any means irrespective of how damaging their efforts are for their romantic interest.

Rejection Violence refers to events where men take revenge on women who reject their unwanted advances or romantic/sexual expression. Many women suffer because they rejected. The worst thing about the unwanted advance is not the advance itself but what comes after it, as in most cases suitors try to overcome the pain of rejection by projecting it onto their romantic interest.

Rejection Violence is not limited to physical assault or killing, the spectrum is very broad and it may take any form of abuse be it physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, or any sort of cybercrime against the victim. Many victims experience harassment, classic smear campaign, death/rape/forced marriage threats, unwanted SMS/calls/Social Media friends requests, bullying, defamation, and in the worst-case scenario the stalking.

There’s no comparison between physical assault/killing and stalking or defamation but it’s still violence though not physical but emotional. It’s important for men to understand that Rejection doesn’t imply anything about your manliness. Educating men can diminish violence against women. Unrequited love hurts but obsession benefits no one.


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