Religious Freedom in India at Stake: reports

The situation of religious freedom in India has taken a serious turn as the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government is sponsoring a vicious cycle of mass harassment and torture of religious minorities, including massacres.

A report released today by the Kashmir Media Service said that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-backed Modi government was preaching the dominance of Hinduism over other religions and attacks on Muslims, Sikhs and Christians by Hindu groups in India.

The report said that Modi’s true face has been completely exposed in occupied Jammu and Kashmir where the identity of Muslims is being snatched away. Modi is shaping India according to the Hindutva policy of the RSS. The BJP-led Indian government is promoting Hindu nationalist policies, leading to systematic and serious violations of religious freedom.

The report pointed out that the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, in its latest report, has exposed the true face of the Modi government and said that the situation of religious freedom in India is continuing to decline in 2021.

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The US commission has highlighted police complicity in violence against Muslims during last year’s riots in New Delhi and called for India to be declared a country of particular concern over religious freedom.

The report said that Hindu-backed Hindu extremists have been carrying out attacks on Muslim places of worship, houses and shops in various parts of Tripura state for the past one week. Hindu mobs vandalized at least 16 mosques, dozens of Muslim houses and shops during the period.

The report said that international human rights organizations should come forward to protect religious minorities in India from Hindu fascism.

The report further states that the main target of extremist Hindus in India is Muslims. Muslims across India are often beaten for eating and slaughtering beef. Reports of beatings of minorities by armed and organized RSS extremists have become commonplace. Hindu groups pose a threat not only to Muslims but also to other minorities in India.

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