Remembering Arshad Sharif: A man who was known for his honest views

Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi rajeoun. Someone as thorough a gentleman as Arshad Sharif himself will never be forgotten. His sudden death is mourned and hugely regretted. He was a complete institution. A lot of responsibility now rests with the journalistic community to create a fact-finding mission leading up to a fair investigation.

The government will have to come out with clean hands too. A national loss. Remember he lost his father and a brother in the army the same day. Too tragic an incident for the poor mother. May Allah help them come out of this ordeal with sabr and himat. Ameen.

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What a country this is!! Killers are on the loose. The looters are on the rampage. We are a decadent society. The dehumanization of gentler souls is at an all-time high. A common man’s ordeal increases with greater escalation. It seems there is no immediate relief in sight. Sadly enough, ours is an unsafe country where law ceases to exist anymore, anybody can have any person targeted and killed through sniping. Arshad Sharif has had tumultuous months for some time. He has been the top investigative anchor known for his candidness. A decorated anchor for his meritorious services. A very brave man in today’s conceited world. A man who was known for his honest views, who had sent shivers down the spines of those who he had tried to unmask through his unmatched journalistic qualities.

Remember, he was a Ph.D. from one of the best universities in the UK. He was being chased by the authorities who probably got him smuggled into UAE. The hunt was on. He was being hounded. They managed to have him extradited. He had no other way but to flee into Kenya, a country that allows free ingress of any traveler making his way into the country. The story finishes today, as he was targeted and killed while traveling in a car. He was accompanied by a few men. Let’s see what unruffles and how matters will shape up.

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He was the true face of clean journalism. My heart goes out to the family, the grief-stricken mother who lost her husband and son the same day twenty years ago. Long live the freedom of speech. Let’s defeat all kinds of mendacity, squalor, and high-handedness. Is the possibility of leaving our country and living abroad someplace really doable… no, not any longer. The world dynamics are changed. It’s no longer a safe place to live.

The noblest are victims of their unswerving resolve and unfettered support of this obscure cause… the believers are fading away into oblivion.

Taking money, and feeding the public with lies is all that matters.

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The conscientious lot who stands up for the truth is being traumatized. I guess a message for others not to do the unthinkable.

A proper investigation must take place at the international level. An independent commission, therefore, must be constituted by the UN together with the Kenyan investigation team or any other potent investigating agency other than our own, to handle the situation in the best possible manner.

The suspicious death of the famous journalist might prove to be a tipping point in the already extremely combustible political situation of Pakistan. The long march announced by the erstwhile prime minister would bolster the movement if the Imran Khan lovers and masses could demonstrate their annoyance through their peaceful protests. The volcano might erupt, wherein the smoke has been billowing out for quite some time. Now it depends upon our establishment, and how intelligently they handle this seemingly disturbing situation to avert any possible conflagration across the country. The mounting pressure of the junta may result in an early election, in order to douse the flames of the angry crowds in a seemingly ensuing malaise. Better sense must prevail to avoid confrontation. It is vitally important for our post-modern coup regime to dispense obligations much against their will.

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