Rescue Effort Underway to Rescue Citizens Stranded in Mozambique

28th March 2021: According to a report by BBC News, there is a rescue effort underway to rescue civilians from Mozambique. Hundreds have reached safety in the port of Pemba in the south.

Many South Africans remain trapped in the northern city of Palma, which was overrun by Islamist insurgents recently. There has been a complaint that there has been no coordinated action on the part of the government or the governments of countries whose civilians are trapped. However, the citizens themselves are working on the rescue effort, that has offered relief to family and friends waiting desperately for news. Amongst those who have made it to safety are employees of international companies working on the many oil companies in the area.

There has been an absence of the Mozambique army and police. There is not much information to date about the details of the organisation that calls itself Al-Shabaab (the youth in Arabic). Insurgencies first began in 2017.

Access is very difficult to the area. This Al-Shabaab has got nothing to do with the organisation of the same name in Somalia. Some of the members are people who have radicalised due to discontent caused by the inefficacy of the Mozambique government. The fear is that the group is much more about power and influence than it does have with religion, according to a report by DW.

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