Resolution passed in Punjab Assembly against terror killing in Canada

Lahore, 10th June: A resolution was passed in Punjab Assembly against growing Islamophobia in the West after four innocent Pakistanis got killed in Canada.

The resolution was submitted by PML-Q member Punjab Assembly Khadija Omar in the Punjab Assembly on Thursday.

It was said in the petition that this House of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab considers that four persons belonging to Pakistan residing in Canada have been killed by truck loading under a premeditated plan.

This House understands that there has been an increase in anti-Islamic activities in Europe and the United States and that Muslims there feel insecure.

The resolution said that the House considers the killing of Muslims in Canada to be terrorism and strongly condemns the incident.

The Provincial Assembly of Punjab prays for the elevation of the ranks of the deceased and patience for the bereaved ones.

The House calls on the Federal Government to take up the matter with the Government of Canada and take diplomatic action to bring to justice those responsible for this incident.

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