Respiratory diseases flare up as temperature drops in country

ISLAMABAD, Dec 6 (APP): ENT specialists Friday said that the change of weather was the main cause of asthma, flu, dry cough and allergies among citizens where people should take preventive measures to avoid further medical complications as a number of country hospitals have seen a 20 to 40 per cent rise in respiratory ailments.

Talking to Private news channel, ENT specialist Dr Musadiq said that rush of patients complaining of asthma, seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, skin rashes, urticaria, angioedema, and other dermatological problems not related to allergies, is being witnessed in different public and private hospitals.

He said seasonal diseases had gone up by 20 40 percent in the last few days and many patients had chest infections, flue and skin allergies.

Experts said diabetics and heart patients needed to take special care to dress warmly in cold season, adding, they should avoid going on walks too early in the morning because of the cold winds.

“Children and elderly are the worst affected of the cold season who are daily visiting hospitals” he said.

Dr further advised citizens specially kids that if the air quality is bad, stay indoors and try to keep the windows closed. When a person is exposed to pollution, it can cause coughing and irritation in the throat.

Moreover, He warned citizens with asthma and allergies are more prone to lung inflammation, adding, the presence of toxins in the air can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms, leaving people struggling to breathe.

He said majority of patients are unaware of preventive measures needed to avoid asthma attacks while it was also observed that a good number of patients do not follow their physicians’ advice on treatment protocol.

The patients should also avoid self-medication and get vaccination for flu and pneumonia in winter, he said.

The changing weather is known to increase respiratory infections because it causes changes to our immune system. A lack of vitamin D is also contributing to seasonal ailments such as coughs and colds.

He urged that the school administrations should informed parents that it has taken some precautions to prevent the spread of any virus and to maintain a safe and healthy environment at school.

Another Specialist Dr Aftab further said rapid spread of flu cases are also on rise where influenza type A and B are topping the charts, he added. “Prevention is the key,” Dr added.

Experts suggested citizens should wear warm clothes especially in the morning and evening to avoid seasonal diseases.

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