Restaurant owners continue protesting at Lahore’s Liberty Roundabout

Lahore, 16th March: Restaurant owners are still protesting against the government’s decision to closure amidst the third wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, the Pakistan Restaurants Unity Association held a protest demonstration at the Liberty Roundabout in Gulberg against the closure of restaurants and eateries by the government in the wake of the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

According to reports, on Sunday the chairman of the association, Amir Rafique Qureshi, termed the closure of restaurants cruelty by the government.

According to recent reports of Baaghi TV, the protest by the restaurant owners is still going on today at the Liberty Roundabout, Lahore.

The protestors are demanding that before issuing the closure orders, the government should have considered the pros and cons of the decision.

They are saying that the government should have made a feasible strategy on the issue, at least six days before prior to the announcement to save the restaurants from the worst economic loss.

The owners have used that if the standard operating procedures (SOPs) could be issued for markets and public transport, then why the outdoor dining at restaurants had been forced to shut down.

It is to be noted that the country is facing the third wave of the novel coronavirus, with the UK-variant on the rise in Punjab.

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