Reuters, Associated Press to Collaborate with Twitter

Reuters, Associated Press to Collaborate with Twitter

Social networking site Twitter has announced a partnership with the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters to ensure users access to reliable news and details on the platform.

The new deal will not only help Twitter ensure the news being delivered is accurate and that the trends are right, but also help classify specific search results.

Twitter administration said that the time explorer tab will also work on highlighting important events such as health emergencies, elections, and the global epidemic. Details will also be added to the misleading content through authentic sources.

The site explained that Twitter’s trust and safety team are a separate and sovereign body, figuring out when users’ tweets are violating Twitter’s terms and conditions. The body will deal then punishing actions, such as removing tweets or a complete ban, depending on the violation.

Twitter has assured users that neither the AP nor Reuters will play any role in implementing these decisions.

According to reports, Twitter says the program will also help increase the speed and scale of spreading accurate information, which will enable them to include additional tidbits on tweets and elsewhere on their platforms.

This means that at a time when an important news is breaking, Twitter’s own team will be able to quickly approach reliable sources like Reuters and AP to find out accurate facts.

It should be noted that AP and Reuters have been working with Facebook under the Fact Check Project.

In addition, Twitter has made it easier for Android and iOS users to access their mobile applications. Twitter Support has informed users that Apple and Google accounts can now be used to log in to Twitter accounts, with email addresses being the same.

This feature was introduced to Twitter beta version users last month, and has now been introduced by the company to all users. Under the recent update, the user will be able to log in to a new account or log in through existing details.

The user will have no need to enter his/her basic information (name and email address etc.) as he had to before.

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