Rihanna apologizes for Hadith used in song controversy

New York, 6th October: The world-renowned singer Rihanna has been in the world’s eye for quite a long time. She has been a favorite of countless people always standing with what she thinks is right, take her make-up products as an example, she stood up against testing products on animals and launched Fenty.

It comes as a shock that she has on two occasions now, shown a blind eye towards her actions against Islam.

She has been accused of allegedly disrespecting Islam by using verses of the Hadith mixed in the beat of her ‘Savage x Fenty’ lingerie show.

The song that has caused all this controversy is called ‘Doom’ that has Verses of a Hadith that talks about the end of the world and the day of judgment. It was sung by a London-based singer Coucou Chloe 2 years ago.


Muslims on social media have felt really bad and have expressed their anger over the singer.

Though the 32-year-old singer has also apologized for this mistake, it is a matter that has disturbed and annoyed many Muslims all around the world.

Pakistani actor Feroze Khan, who is always vocal with what he feels is right, took a bold stance and condemned the US singer calling her ‘filth’.

However, after Rihanna posted her apology, our very own superstar gave his acceptance too.

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