Risk of leptospirosis along with corona: Report


According to the reports of Baaghi TV, after the torrential rains stopped in the Indian city of Mumbai, the city has also increased the risk of spreading corona epidemics as well as seasonal diseases, including leptospirosis.

The disease is spread by rainwater runoff or the passage of an injured person into the water. Following the torrential rains, the risk of spreading the epidemic Corona virus has now increased, as has the risk of leptospirosis.

Therefore, the BMC has advised the citizens to walk in the water wearing gumboots and said that the passage of an injured person in the water poses a risk of leptospirosis so the citizens need to be careful. Precautions are needed to prevent the spread of leptospirosis.

If an injured person is exposed to rainwater, it can also spread leptospirosis. In such a case, it is necessary to provide medical assistance to the injured person within 24 or 72 hours under medical precaution. People who stay in rainwater for long periods of time may use medications that can be used for a few weeks after consulting a doctor for people and BMC staff.

According to the Mumbai Health Department, the risk of fever, dengue and malaria is high in the rainy season, so do not ignore even a minor or minor illness but consult a doctor immediately. If you are running out of water, wash your feet thoroughly with soap.

If you have a fever, see a doctor right away. Do not collect garbage in houses and neighborhoods. And to protect from rats, do not allow cleanliness and accumulation of water, because water is the cause of the spread of the disease.

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