River Indus erosion wreaking havoc

Islamabad, 23rd July: Erosion by river Indus has wiped out several villages from the face of earth. Information received by Online said the residents of Dera Ismail Khan and Bhakkar are left stranded under open sky.
Hundreds of locals from villages including Jhok Basharat, Mandra, Bat Bogha, and Hamza Wali said that river Indus is wreaking havoc in hundreds of villages . Due to erosion of river about 18 villages of district Bhakkar and other areas stand annihilated while standing crops of cotton, Moong and sugar cane were completed destroyed.
People have appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan provincial government can not spare time from other engagements. Buzdar ka Allah hi Hafiz Hai; While Chief Minister Mehmood Khan of KP is also next to Nil. Therefore, Imran Khan should help the flood affectees. O0therwise hundreds of affectees will be forced to march towards Islamabad. Their march will not be politically motivated but it will aim at pressing their demands.

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