Rubina Ashraf miraculously recovered from COVID-19


Leading TV actress Rubina Ashraf has tested negative for coronavirus.

According to the reports, the actress’ husband Tariq Mirza said that Rubina Ashraf has recovered from Corona but is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital.

According to Tariq Mirza, Rubina Ashraf will remain in the hospital till her full recovery due to weakness.

Earlier this month, Rubina Ashraf was diagnosed with the coronavirus, after which she became isolated at home.

She was later taken to a private hospital in Clifton after her condition deteriorated. According to sources, the senior actress was having difficulty in breathing due to Corona.

It may be recalled that Rubina Ashraf and several other showbiz personalities have also been infected with the coronavirus, including actress Sakina Samo, TV host Nida Yasir and her husband actor Yasir Nawaz, TV host and actor Vassay Chaudhry, Alizey Shah and Actor Naveed Raza is included.

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