Russia Approves Single-Dose ‘Sputnik Light’ Covid-19 Vaccine

Russia on Thursday approved a single-dose version of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, the developers of the shot said Thursday. The vaccine maker took to Twitter and wrote, “Introducing a new member of the Sputnik family – a single dose Sputnik Light! It’s a revolutionary 1-shot COVID 19 vaccine with 80% efficacy – higher than many 2-shot vaccines. Sputnik Light will double vaccination rates and help to handle epidemic peaks.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which helped finance the vaccine, released a statement and said that Sputnik Light “demonstrated 79.4 percent efficacy” compared to 91.6 percent for the two-shot Sputnik V.

“The single-dose Sputnik Light vaccine demonstrated 79.4 per cent efficacy according to analysed data taken from 28 days after the injection was administered as part of Russia’s mass vaccination programme between December 5, 2020 and April 15, 2021,” the RDIF said in a statement.

According to authorities, around 8 million Russians have so far been fully inoculated with the flagship two-dose Sputnik V, named after the Soviet-era satellite that triggered the space race in a nod to the project’s geopolitical importance for Moscow.

Russian scientists last month said Sputnik V was 97.6 per cent effective against Covid-19 in a “real-world” assessment based on data from 3.8 million people.

The slower pace of vaccination in Russia compared to other countries with domestically produced vaccines has provoked questions over its export intentions from some European officials.