Saba Qamar speaks up for a TikTok star

Lahore, 28th June: Saba Qamar is one such strong actress who has always stood for powerful motives. 

According to Baaghi TV, this time Pakistan’s daring actress has spoken in favor of singer Asim Azhar and a TikTok star Areeqa Haq.

Singer Asim Azhar recently shared a photo of his new song. The picture is going rounds on social media and is from an upcoming song by Azhar and the young TikTok star being featured in it.

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People took to social media and trolled Haq for appearing in Asim Azhar’s video. The singer, however, made an interesting comment that how people should also practice what they preach.

The singer tweeted, ” It’s funny how they first give lectures on depression and mental health and after a few days they make others a target of depression through hate and bullying.”

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Superstar Saba Qamar was quick enough to come to the rescue of the young upcoming star and stated that she has failed to understand why so much hat exists in our society and why can’t hate be replaced with love?


She went on to add, “Let’s all learn from this crucial time and be kind to each other because we’ve no idea what the other person is going through! Please learn to respect.”

Saba Qamar further wrote, “Asim Azhar I’m eagerly waiting for your upcoming music video! Also, I’m proud of this little beautiful girl Areeqa Haq and all the other young talented people, trust me guys I’m your biggest cheerleader, no matter what! Keep growing and shining! Lots of love!”

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Not just Qamar, but Hania Amir and Yasi Hussain have also stepped forward and supported the TikTok star, Areeqa Haq.

The TikTok star has felt gratitude for such support by the senior artists of our industry. With such support and boost, the uprising stars will definitely feel confident more.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates!

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