Sacrificial animals start coming into town

ISLAMABAD 28th July: Eidul Azha is fast approaching, many cattle traders belonging to far-flung areas of the country have started appearing in different sectors of federal capital to attract customers specially kids.

Citizens are seen to be visiting different localities for buying sacrificial animals and the traders have also started roaming in streets with their animals to attract buyers.

According to residents of capital, Small-sized animals, particularly goats and sheep, have arrived in Islamabad so far, with their prices starting from Rs25,000 to 75,000.
A resident of G-6 said, the traders are demanding high prices for sacrificial animals.

A buyer Zain Mukhtar looking to purchase an animal, said: “My children forced me to buy an animal soon so they could spend time with it.”“Buying and selling sacrificial animals is my main business every year and is the source of income,” says a trader Muhammad Ikram. “I have no any permanent business and this is my only business. We wait for this Eid season”, he added. A trader Zubair Khan said the high cost of fodder, transportation of animals and a high fee of cattle market owners were contributing to an increase in cattle prices on the occasion of EiduL Azha.

Despite exorbitant prices of sacrificial animals, the sales are expected to go up with the arrival of the festival. However, buyers expected that prices would come down once more animals arrive in capital. Majority of citizens have also demanded the government to enforce a price mechanism so that they can purchase sacrificial animals on reasonable rates.

Livestock Department(LSD) District Director Dr Syed Nadeem Badar has directed officials of LSD to ensure immediate fumigation and anti-tick spray of cattle at the entry and exit points of the city for prevention of Congo virus.

According to a hand out, he directed officials to carry out spraying of animals besides taking steps for treatment of animals suffering from any sort of disease in order to prevent the spread of Congo virus among the people.

Dr Nadeem said as sacrificial animals being transported in the city, it has been decided to create public awareness to protect the people from Congo fever and spread of virus by taking preventive measures.

He advised the people to slaughter animals during day time on the occasion of Eidul Azha.

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