Salary of Cabinet Members reduced in budget 2019-20

Cabinet members’ salaries have been announced while the new government has set up a new tradition in the recent budget. It is the first time a government has decided to reduce ten percentage of salaries of the cabinet ministers. The decision made by the government in the budget is being appreciated.

During the budget speech in the National Assembly, Hamad Azhar told the cabinet that the salaries of the cabinet members have been reduced. He said that the cabinet has always increased their salaries in the past but all the ministers of the cabinet led by Prime Minister Imran Khan have made a historic decision of reducing their salaries by 10 percent. The federal government has increased 25 percent in the special allowance of special private secretaries working with Ministers, Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.

There was no increase in the salaries of the employees of grade 21 and 22 by the federal government. The federal cabinet’s grade 1 to 16 employees’ salaries has been approved by 10 percent while the grade 17 to 20 has been approved by 5 percent. Similarly, ten percent increase in retired employees’ pension has been approved.

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