Salim Merchant copies Farhan Saeed’s song without his permission

Farhan Saeed hits Salim Merchant on Twitter

Farhan Saeed recently took to social media giant Twitter and mentioned Indian song composer Salim Merchant in his tweet claiming that the latter has released a song named “Haareya” which is totally a copy of Jal band famed singer’s song “Roiyaan”.

He also asked the Indian composer to at least have asked him and then taunted if couldn’t ask, at least make a good one.

The Sunno Chanda star also mentioned, “I wonder they have the audacity to call themselves artists when they steal someone’s work.”

Here is the link to Salim Merchant’s song “Haareya”.


And this is what Farhan Saeed claims of his song, having around 4 million views on Youtube, being a mentor for the above shared song.


Concluding the tweet, Farhan wrote with a hashtag, “Stop stealing”.

Farhan Saeed’s twitter has recenty been flooded for Kashmir’s support and he seemed to share Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet for gathering to show solidarity with Kashmir.

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