Salman Ahmed speaks up for ‘Sayonee’ remake


Lahore, 5th November: Pakistan’s famous singer Salman Ahmed has given his statement regarding the remake of his band ‘Junoon’s’ most famous song ‘Sayonee.’

Baaghi TV: The popular song ‘Sayonee’ sung by Pakistan’s most popular band ‘Junoon’ of the ’90s is still considered as everyone’s favourite song. The popularity of this song can be gauged from the fact that it has been sung and copied by many singers in the Subcontinent.

This song has once again been included in a recent Bollywood film named ‘Sayonee’, and the song has been sung by Arjit Singh. But the Indian version of the song has received harsh criticism from social media users following its release.

Ali Azmat, the singer of this song, has, however, remained silent so far. While, Salman Ahmed, a member of Junoon could not hold his comments regarding the song. 

Salman Ahmed did not criticize the remake in his tweet but shared the link of the original video of the song Seoni and wrote that when I was in college, everyone on campus used to have Western or Bollywood music in their language but now that has changed. Now the songs of ‘Junoon’ are being sung in Bollywood.

Salman Ahmed also said, “#Sayonee has become the most covered, most performed #Pakistani song in the Subcontinent #Tabdeeli.”

This indeed is a change!

It may be recalled that the T-series had released a video of the remake of Pakistani song ‘Sayonee’ two days ago, which has been viewed more than 324,300 times so far, but it is being severely criticized.

Although the T-series has given credit to Junoon group, Pakistanis, as well as Indians, are criticizing the T-series on the remake.

It should be noted that the song Sayonee, released in 1997 by the Sufi rock band Junoon, was sung by Ali Azmat while the song was written by the main guitarists of the band Salman Ahmed and Sabir Zafar.

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