Salman Khan’s Bottle Cap Challenge Video becomes Controversial

New Delhi (16th July, 2019): Bollywood actor Salman Khan in limelight for posting controversial video of ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’.

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, Indian film star Salman Khan, has recently been sharing pictures and videos to share a glimpse of his personal life with his many fans. He has reportedly also shared a video of his version of the popular ongoing ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’.

In the video, the Bollywood superstar captured snippets of his version of the bottle cap challenge where he blew off the already loosened bottle cap and drank the water by stating, “Paani Bachao”. While his many fans have appreciated his actions via comments there have been others who have not taken too well to the video responding to it in controversy wit reads to the actors’ religious beliefs.

Salman Khan can be seen with folded hands, in a gesture of prayer followed by a Holy Cross gesture, which has pushed people to questions his religious beliefs. One social media user has commented:

“Firstly he did namaste then dua and then cross sign .. he just want say he is secular Indian and believe in all religion”.

While another stated that if the actor believes in all religions then he cannot be Muslim. One other individual argued whether Salman Khan is Muslim or Christian given his actions in the video.

According to sources, the actor has on numerous occasions prior to this stated that he has no religion and is thereby Hindu and Muslim both, iterating that he does not believe in judging people on the basis of ethnicity and religious beliefs.

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