Samsung Decides to Set Up Assembly Plant in Pakistan

LAHORE, 22nd August 2020: According to reports, technology giant Samsung has decided to set foot in Pakistan. Regarding this it has been ascertained that they intend to set up a plant in Pakistan. According to sources, Federal Minister for Industries and Production Hammad Azhar has said that smartphone manufacturer Samsung is deliberating the set-up of a plant here in Pakistan.

Hammad Azhar has tweeted that the production of smart phones in Pakistan has increased after the implementation on Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) and the recently introduced Device Manufacturing Policy. Hammad Azhar said that Samsung has approved of the policies of the Pakistan government and it is exploring the feasibility of setting up an assembly plant here. He also said that he met the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Pakistan, who approved both policies of the government.

It needs to be clear that this year in June the cabinet approved the Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy to promote indigenous production through local
and foreign direct investment and joint projects. The purpose of this policy was to decrease price of mobile phones through localisation and increase exports through tax breaks and subsidies.

At this time 14 companies are producing mobile phones in Pakistan, but most of their products are 2G technology feature phones, whereas the purpose of the mobile policy is to promote production of 3G and 4G technology smart phones. Furthermore, DIRBS had been introduced to discourage mobile phone smuggling and protect local manufacturers. After the implementation of this policy the government can ensure that only registered devices will be in use in the country.

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