Sania Mirza Responds to Backlash after Indo-Pak Match

Lahore (17th June, 2019): Indian tennis player and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Sania Mirza, tweets response.

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, Indian tennis player and UN Ambassador for South Asia, Sania Mirza has been facing backlash in the aftermath of Shoaib Malik and his team mates losing the World Cup match against India on the 16th of June, 2019.

Sania Mirza has taken to Twitter to share her two-bit on the issue of multimedia that has since gone viral.

Mirza, wife of Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik, has tweeted:

“That’s the video you shot without asking us, disrespecting our privacy even though we had a child with us?”

Any sensible person would agree that a shishabar or any ordinary bar is not a place for babies and children. While making a video without consent is not to be applauded, in this case, shouldn’t Sania Mirza be more concerned with her chosen method of parenting and the fact that she has her child accompanying her to such a place, or the fact that a video of her spending time with her husband and his colleagues has gone viral?

She continues to say:

“FYI ‘outing’ was diner and yes people are allowed to eat if they lose a match! Bunch of fools! Try better content next time.”

Perhaps it is Sania Mirza who should think before tweeting next time. Instead of considering that she is in the wrong with exposing a small child to such an unhealthy environment she is justifying her actions and those of her husband’s by pointing fingers at others and ridiculing Pakistani’s for criticizing the Pakistan cricket team for a display of embarrassingly poor performance which is a new low even for them in a match against India.

Moreover, let us not forget that Shoaib Malik’s performance has been poor since the beginning of the World Cup this year. Also, the fact that team captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed, has gone against the advice of his seniors and still kept Malik on board, has consequently lost them a match for the 6th time in a World Cup against India.


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