Saudi Arabia: 30,000 business permits issued to women

Lahore, 24th May: The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has so far issued 30,000 business permits to women in the first quarter of this year.

In Saudi Arabia, business permits issued to women include permits for wholesale, retail, car repair, motorcycle repair and spare parts, hotelling, and other services.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, the conditions for obtaining business permits for women are the same as for men.

The inclusion and encouragement of women in the business sector in Saudi Arabia is part of the goals of the Kingdom’s broader development and reform program, Vision 2030.

The government will provide all possible facilities to attract women to business. The basic requirements for a business permit for women are at least 18 years of age.

No female government employee is eligible to apply for a permit. The minimum capital for business is 5,000 riyals, registration through the ‘Abshar’ app, a minimum tax of 200 riyals per annum and payment of an annual fee to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are also part of the conditions.

In Saudi Arabia, women are gradually turning to business. During the year 2020, business permits were issued to one lakh women.

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