Saudi Arabia: Mysterious Disease took Lives of Three Sisters

Riyadh: 3 daughters of a family living in Makkah Mukarramah died of a mysterious disease. In this disease, the bones get broken.

According to the Saudi website, 3 daughters of a Jordanian family living in Makkah died of a mysterious disease. The disease weakens the bones and weakens the growth chain.

In this disease, the limbs are not naturally strong and the shape of the chest deteriorates. The bones of the hands and feet begin to break, while the patient has to be kept on oxygen for 24 hours.

The Jordanian family, who live in the Al-Bahirat neighborhood of Makkah, said doctors were wondering what the disease was.

The head of the family, Tahseer Ahmed, says that his three daughters have passed away due to this mysterious disease while my 22-year-old son Abdul Rehman has also contracted this disease.

The Jordanian citizen added that his two daughters had passed away after suffering from this unknown disease. Now the 37-year-old daughter also died of the same disease on the day of Eid.

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