Saudi govt to establish music museum in Jeddah

Saudi govt to establish music museum in Jeddah

Riyadh: A music museum will be set up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which will be named after Tariq Abdul Hakim, a well-known Saudi artist.

According to Saudi media, the Ministry of Culture will set up a music museum in Jeddah named after the well-known artist Tariq Abdul Hakim. It will feature the role of the late artist in the history of art in Saudi Arabia and artifacts that enrich the history of Saudi music.

The museum will open in late 2022, and will be located at the home of the deceased in the historic Al-Balad area of ​​Jeddah. It should be noted that UNESCO has included the historical region of Al-Balad in the list of international heritage in 2014.

The Tariq Abdul Hakim Museum will feature musical instruments, photo albums and recording devices used by the Saudi artist. There will also be music samples from famous Arab singers such as Umm Kulthum and Abdulwahab.

The museum will have two main sections, one part will highlight their personal history and the other part will be the Music Research Center. It will feature articles and essays on Saudi music.

Moreover, there will be research books on music in the Arab world, as well as books on music providing information to music scholars.

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