Schools in Punjab to open or remain close? Murad Raas makes an announcement

Lahore, 21st May: Provincial Education Minister Murad Raas said consultations are underway to reopen or close the schools in Punjab.

According to media reports, schools will not open in Lahore as the coronavirus rate is more than 5% in the provincial capital.

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas said in his statement that schools will be opened in areas where the coronavirus rate is less than 5%.

Efforts are being made to increase the rate of opening of schools by 5%. He further said that the final decision to open or close schools in different districts of Punjab would be taken today.

According to earlier reports, the next 24 hours were declared important for the opening of educational institutions across Punjab.

In his message on the microblogging website Twitter, Provincial Education Minister Murad Raas said that the opening of all private and government educational institutions in Punjab would be announced in the next 24 hours.

He appealed to the people to implement the SOPs issued by the government.

Last night, the federal government extended the closure of government educational institutions until June 6.

The closure of educational institutions was extended due to the 6% rate of COVID-19 cases. The Federal Directorate of Education also issued a notification to extend the closure of federal government educational institutions till June 6.

The notification said that the closure of federal educational institutions has been extended due to 6% of coronavirus cases.

However, the final decision on reopening the educational institutions on June 7 will be taken at the next NCOC meeting that will take place on June 3.

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Murad Rass makes important announcement about schools in Punjab