Schools urgently need to change their method of teaching!

25th October 2020: 1.5 billion children are currently being prepared for the jobs of the past. A tech expert argues that we’re teaching our kids useless knowledge in schools.

Baaghi TV: There is a lack of originality in schools and some much-needed life skills are not being taught there.

Founder and CEO of says that roughly 1.5 billion children that are currently in an education system are being taught the curriculum of 100 years ago.

This is the link below for the video shared by the World Economic Forum:

All around the world every country is funding a public education system, teaching courses that were designed last century or even 2 centuries ago and those courses didn’t imagine the future that we’re about to enter.

According to studies, 65% of young children will do jobs that don’t exist yet.

People all around the world think about how to improve schools and how to use technology in the classroom.

So if schools are preparing for a different future then what should they teach?

Andreas Schneider, the director of education and skills stated that the kind of things that are easier to teach and test have also become easier to digitalize and automate. He says that the world simply does not reward people for what they know.

Google knows everything now. The world rewards people for what they can do with what they know. State-of-the-art knowledge is always going to remain important, but success in education is no longer just about reproducing knowledge.

It’s about extrapolating what we know, applying our knowledge creatively in a novel setting.

Schneider says that in fact, he thinks that the Future of Jobs,  Report 2020, captures those things really well. It’s about, can you think like a scientist, rather than, do you remember a specific formula or equation?

These social and emotional skills are becoming much more important as these are the ones that complement the artificial intelligence that we have created in our computers actually best and we are weaker in them.

So according to experts, education should no longer be about teaching people about some things, but about providing them with a reliable compass and navigation tools to find their own way.

The study reveals that employers are now looking for skills including flexibility, resilience and active learning, as building new skills become important in our working lives.

The schools definitely lack originality and force the students to learn old methods of rote learning and not acquiring new skills that would be helpful to not only them but the country as well in the future.

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