Scientists develop Pakistan’s first ICU Ventilator

Lahore, 28th April: Pakistani scientists have prepared the first ICU ventilator called i-Live and its use has also been approved. 

According to sources from Islamabad, DRAP has given formal approval for the use and manufacture of this ventilator.

According to a press release issued by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), this ventilator has been prepared by the scientists and engineers of PAEC from local resources in accordance with all the prevailing medical standards.

Doctors of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission hospitals also provided valuable guidance in this regard.

 Apart from many scientific tests, this ventilator has also met the standards of the Pakistan Innovation and Technology Center (PITC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

The ventilator machine was also tested at Jinnah Hospital Lahore. Medical experts, biotechnologists and biomedical engineers, have called the test a success.

The head of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Muhammad Naeem congratulated the scientists and engineers and expressed the belief that after the final approval from DRAP, large-scale preparation of this ventilator called i-Live will begin. 

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