Saba Qamar lashed out at celebs for talking against Ertugrul


Lahore, 14th July: Pakistani actress Saba Qamar shows her full support for the Turkish drama ‘Dirilis Ertugrul’.

According to reports, the versatile actress Saba Qamar is known for always standing up for the right cause. This time too she has come around to show her support for the famous Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul’.

‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ the Turkish version of the most famous English series ‘Game of Thrones’ is well-liked across the world. However, in Pakistan, it is breaking records since it started being on-air on the national TV channel PTV.

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People are in love with the historic drama which has won their hearts with its simplicity and honesty. The main cast of Ertugrul is in huge demand across the nation.

Many celebrities have stepped forward and shown their support. However, there are some notable figures in the country who have shown their displeasure on airing a foreign drama in the country.

In a recent live session, Saba Qamar lashed out on actors who spoke against airing Ertugrul.

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As reported by the website, Saba Qamar said, “If you are talking about PTV that it is not earning much. These same actors who are speaking against Ertugrul are those same actors who never attend a call from PTV.”

“These actors have not done anything and they never offered PTV anything for free so that PTV can raise its bar. But now if Imran Khan has done something good and the rating of PTV is raising more than private channels, so now people have a problem with this.”

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Saba Qamar rightfully asked the artists that where were they when PTV was nothing? The artists from Pakistan all over could have offered free services to help out the channel. Everyone in our country is quick to criticize and pinpoint others. She said that nobody appreciates when a person does well.

Saba Qamar, the rebellious actress asks all those who are at this moment talking against the drama Ertugrul and its airing on PTV that what have they done for the national channel in the past?

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The actress recommended that people must focus on making quality content and stop criticizing others.

In the end, she said, “I support the airing of Ertugrul on PTV because it is helping us to generate money and it is not harming us in any way. We are losing nothing.”

Check out the video clip on Saba Qamar:

Saba Qamar has given a befitting reply to those who do not appreciate the popularity PTV is gaining because of the Turkish drama. These people are just sitting around to bash the industry for letting a foreign drama take the place of the local serials.

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Just recently, the actor Yasir Hussain criticized a smartphone brand in Pakistan for making Esra Bilgic, the Turkish actress as its brand ambassador.

It is thought that the huge popularity of this drama has made the local stars insecure. On the other hand, this should not be the case, as local dramas are liked by the audience at the same time.

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