Scientists have developed a Robot Fish

The astonishing robot fish works with ‘electric blood’. An invasion similar to the physical life has risen in which scientists have developed a soft-colored robotic fish which is use electric blood as a battery performs different tasks. The Argentine Robot Lab at Cornwall University has made a robot like lion fish. It has no battery nor a cell is installed, but it has electric liquid that provides energy to the fish.

The odd thing is that this electric blood also helps it in moving in water. Scientists have been facing this challenge of a wireless robotic fish for a long and have finally succeeded. Tools like batteries weigh the robots more and they become useless. University Scientist James Peak and his colleagues have prepared 40 cm long fish from silicon. These include two hydraulic pumps, which are attached to zinc iodide Flow Cell Batteries. A pump sends liquid from one side to the other side. The second pump moves the liquid back and forth to the fish. Thus the fish moves forward and swims.

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