Scotland threatens Boris Johnson’s election dream

Stirling, United Kingdom, Dec 3 (AFP/APP): Surprise victories in Scotland helped save the Conservative Party in the 2017 election but Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in danger of losing those gains next week, forcing him to look elsewhere for a parliamentary majority.

“This time is going to be very, very tight,” Stephen Kerr, the Conservative MP for the Stirling constituency, in central Scotland, told AFP.

The Tories snatched the seat from the Scottish National Party in 2017, with a majority of just 148.

Kerr now runs the risk of losing it in the December 12 vote, like many of the 12 other Scottish Conservatives who made spectacular gains two years ago, largely thanks to the party’s then leader in Scotland, Ruth Davidson.

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“With Davidson we went not only from one MP to 13 MPs, but we went from about 100 councillors to 300 in local government,” Kerr added, as he prepared to go out campaigning.

“The Tory revival in Scotland in 2017… saved Theresa May’s skin,” said Politico’s Charlie Cooper, allowing the then-PM to cling to power, despite losing her majority in parliament.

Two years on, the Conservatives could see their success disappear into the mist.

Scottish results “could be the difference between a Johnson majority and a hung parliament,” added Cooper.

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