Senator Rehman Malik oversees committee IT meeting


Thursday, July 2nd: Has the Ministry of IT developed any SOP to identify remote and backward areas? As far as Balochistan is concerned, some areas have been declared backward and unfortunately Gilgit-Baltistan has always been neglected.

As soon as you land in Gilgit, there is no internet or even remote mobile network in many areas. Will the network’s strength in backward areas be the same as in developed areas?

I have heard that various network service towers are being sold to foreigners. If true, it would be a huge security risk. I would strongly disagree. Otherwise, our towers would not be available to any Indian-influenced company. Like the app created by the Election Commission was in the head office of this company in Hyderabad India. Even today, hackers attack the Election Commission’s website .We should not be negligent of our responsibilities so that no tower is used by the enemy.

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